June 23, 2010

Many, Many, anemeones

At this elevation, near 9,000 feet, we rested in an alpine meadow in the village of Murren, Switzerland. 

As out trip through Switzerland continues, we are promised that sunshine will return tomorrow, and we feel hopeful since the cloud cover seems higher. Still, as we leave the alpine village of Wengen, and take the mountain trains and funicular over and up to the even more remote village of Murren, which is older, more quite if that is even possible, and exactly what I want. In the picture below, Murren is a village on the edge of the cliff on the right hand side, far back. Popular with cliff divers, parasailers and alpinists, we expect the town to be quiet since the snows are just melting and the tourist season has yet to pick up. I think that this valley in Switzerland is one of the most beautiful on earth.  As a protected UNESCO nature preserve, the area in and around Lauterbrunnen valley is rich with natural wonders, from long waterfalls, to glaciers. Mostly, I find it spiritualls energizing with its alpine meadows, flora and botanic treasures. And, oh yes, the vistas.

Rain, rain, rail, and this is the view from our cog train, as it takes us to our chalet in Wengen. Normally, I mean, in other years, this view is amazing, with glaciers, and mountains in the distance ( it was even the default screen saver that came with Apple Mac's a few years ago), but with two weeks of rain, all we can see is waterfalls.

 Imagine weeding this vegetable garden.
 With more snow expected tonight, local shop owners cover their containers with fabric and rocks to protect them from the unseasonably cold weather.
Hops growing as an ornamental vine on an alpine farm house.

Yes, Anemone narcissiflora are everywhere, this may be the largest meadow of the species that I have ever seen. Heaven.Known as the Blumenthal meadow, it is on a plateau at nearly 8000 feet. Look at who greeted us after a 3 hour hike high above the plateau - two dairy cows.

We were hungry, so we named our companions, Wiener, and Schnitzle, as they rest, laying in a meadow of wildflowers. Oh yeah, and perhaps with the best view on earth. Who ever said that California cows are happy cows?

Joe photographs some of the few Gentiana acaulis we found on a meadow. Tomorrow, there should be more. Plus, it looks like the sun is starting to come out, and then we can try off a little, and hopefully hike to 14,000 feet tomorrow.


  1. Wow! I want to live there!

  2. Anonymous8:49 AM

    How wonderful to have a waterfall just above your village! -Paul


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