June 13, 2010

Nepetaism and Hummingbirds

Every year, Ruby Throated Hummingbirds nest in our garden, and clearly, their favorite food source is the Siberian Cat Mint, Nepeta sibirica, which for whatever reason, seems to attract  every hummers from all over the county, they even had a fierce fight this afternoon of their territory about the blue and gold garden, where the Nepeta siberica grows. Two couples chased each other around the garden for about 20 minutes in the rain. Sometimes, the Hummingbirds are fussy, they aren't even interested in the hummingbird feeders when the Siberian Cat Mint is in bloom. I've counted as many and 8 at one time feeding on the flowers.
I placed wire cages over the tomatoes today, and had to do it in the rain, since it never let up. The Hummer didn't care, she sat on the edge of the cage as soon as I placed it. Behind her, Rattail Radishes have seedpods ready to pick.

Other Mint family plants blooming include the common culinary sage, which seasoned some onion tarts and puff pastry this afternoon when Jess and her friends stopped by to see the garden. Below, a closer look at the Siberian Cat Mint, Nepeta siberica, my favorite Cat Mint in the garden.

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  1. It must have been a wonderful sight- watching the hummers fight!


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