June 10, 2010

Growing Healthy Snacks-Rat Tails

These crispy vegetable snacks that anyone can grow in their garden are new to me, and they might be new for you too. A new introduction from Johnny's Selected Seeds , Rat Tails are an heirloom radish which is grown not for its roots, but for its seed pods. Since most of my radishes tend to go to seed faster than I can eat them all, this productive plant is much more practical for me. They are incredibly delicious, tasting just like a, well, radish, or perhaps a bit more like the inside stem of a broccoli.

Try these fast growing, spicy, crispy snacks with a yogurt and dill ranch type dip, or like I do, right out of the garden. The Chinese stir fry them, and I am on the hunt for some recipes.

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