June 17, 2010

Early Summer Bulbs

Hymenocallis, or Peruvian Daffodils are begining to bloom. It figures, since we are leaving to go hiking in the alps for a couple weeks. I will miss the peak bloom with the summer bulb collections, particularly the Hymenocallis, some summer blooming Amaryllis that are in bud, and, the Galtonia candicans which I planted everywhere this year.

Galtonia candicans starting to bloom in the perennial garden.

If you remember, I planted some extra Galtonia bulbs a couple of months ago in some containers. Many southern hemisphere bulbs look awesome in containers for portable color. Many of the bulbs are rarely grown, and I don't know why. Maybe because we never see them in other peoples gardens, and we tend to not grow what we don't know. But do try some, they are easy as pie, and require little effort to coax into bloom.Most bulbs are close to being fool-proof, since the flower buds are already formed inside. When I return from the Alps, I hope these are still in bloom, I had been waiting to see what they might look like.

Everywhere else, the downfacing Asiatic lilies are beginning to open, and I am hoping to not miss those, but with temperatures forecasted to reach 90 degrees next week, they may bloom faster, or, succumb to a hail storm!

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