May 17, 2010

Three Cape Bulbs

Lachenalia purpurea ssp. caerulea

A trio of wild-collected ,seed grown, South African bulb plants rarely seen. 
From left, Lapierousia (Freesia) laxa alba form, Lachenalia purpurea caerulea, and Lachenalia unicolor.

Lapierousia ( now Freesia) laxa, an easily grown-from-seed relative of the common florist Freesia, but more graceful, yet less fragrant.
More Lapierousia laxa, sometime invasive in more mild areas of the south western US and zones 9 and up. My seed actually came from Victoria, British Columbia.(Thanks Maedythe!).
Lachenalia unicolor. Lachenalia species are related to Hyacinths, and some hybrid forms of L. aloides are starting to become used in the potted plant trade as spring holiday plants, but the many other species are interesting enough to collect, although must be grown from seeds since few species are available as bulbs.


  1. I love Lachenalia, esp. Lachenalia viridiflora. I'm a sucker for turquoise flowers.

  2. I love Lachenalia; esp. L. viridflora. I'm a sucker for turquoise flowers.


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