May 13, 2010

Special Offer - Save 25% on Plant Society Magazine

Magcloud has made a generous special limited time offer to all of you, my blog readers, family and friends. Until the end of May, you get a 25% discount on this latest issue of my magzine, Plant Society. Just go to the Magcloud website here , Just enter coupon code: PLANTSOCIETY510. Thanks Magcloud! ( and, thanks to all of you!).


  1. Darn it, I ordered it this morning, if only I had known!

  2. wow matt -- I just discovered your blog through the plant society magazines at mag this morning -- I love the magazine and am preparing a post about them for my own blog today...
    but what I am even more surprised about is that you are a worcester county neighbor...I am in Harvard, MA and I always find it extraordinary when I find great people online who happen to just around the corner.

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  4. write them and see if you can get the discount. I am.

  5. That's great, Matt, congratulations!


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