May 5, 2010

Parrot Tulips

Parrot tulips have a special place in my heart, for I remember my sister showing me how to pick them from my mom's flower beds as a young child ( purple ones). Their feathery petals are so showy if not gaudy, but somehow they 'work' when seen outdoors, in spring. In catalogs, they appear too showy, but in the garden, for some reason, they are just right. Here, I picked some exceptionally bright ones, and placed them in a vintage flower show vase that I found on ebay ( being sold in England as a horse show trophy!). I love the hand painted type and the poison green color which was so common in the 1950's. It seemed like the perfect juxtaposition.


  1. I love it. Your blog was introduced to me by one A. Archer. Now every time you pop up on my Google reader I get a little thrill! Keep up the awesome blog!

  2. What a great tulip and I love your find on e-bay. I fell in love with the tulips in Tasha Tudor's book and yours remind me of her parrot tulips. I have to plant more this fall.

    I also read the news that you are planning your next issue of the magazine, that's really great news!

  3. Oh, I love parrot tulips also, and the vase is great. Best in Show, indeed!

    The pesticide stuff below brings me back. My mom used them quite a bit. When I protested that they were poison, for goodness sake, she said, "But only such a little bit!" and kept on doing it. But she was a heck of a gardener, anyway.

    Came here from Port Townsend blog. Thanks!


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