May 10, 2010

Dancing Giesha and Silver Samurai violet

I lost the tag for this Japanese Viola, so if anyone knows it, please share its name. My best guess is that it is once of the Terra Nova Nursery introductions called either Viola 'Dancing Geisha' or Viola 'Silver Samurai', eitehr way, it's been an incredible performer, and if ever see more at a nursery, I will get them. It's has self seeded, but since it has a patent, I assume the the offspring, if any, will be of a more inferior quality.
 It appears to have some V. koreana in it, but I can't find much info on its heritage. Regardless, it is handsome, and it has been blooming for a month, now, in practically a perfect mound, and nothing like out more common violets. 


  1. It does not look like koreana but I want some!!! Glen

  2. I want to ask "the best" book on viola's for my birthday does anybody have a good suggestion (with ISBN number please). Thanks Peter


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