May 11, 2010

It's here! Plant Society, Issue 3

I just published the latest issue of my magazine Plant Society, available only on Magcloud.com. HP's new digital magazine publishing site. This is a special issue for me, since Magcloud.com contacted me and asked if they could use this issue for publicity. They hired a writer to do a story on me, this blog and Plant Society Magazine, and they will be marketing the magazine at trade shows, social networking sites, at design conference ( featured at HOW DESIGN CONFERENCE in Denver next month) and for advertising for Magcloud product. So I was very flattered, and knew that it had to be awesome. I hope you enjoy it too. There is a very long article on Primula, as well as the usual inspirational material. If you love to garden, are addicted to plants, I would imagine that you will find this issue very stimulating.

Available now on Magcloud.com for $14.00 plus shipping to North America and the UK.

Magcloud has also featured me on their site with a very lengthy article, you can read it here. It was very flattering. It's funny, how writers can make anyone sound interesting!  Assembling a magazine takes time, and effort, and it's not like I'm a terrific writer, or editor, but I have to relax a little bit about the few imperfections in the mag, because I fill most of the roles. Photographer, illustrator, graphic designer, production artist, layout designer, writer, editor, proofreader, botanist, grower, photo stylist, prop stylist, brand designer, typesetter, IT department, etc. The only place I've been getting some much needed help is in the area of subject matter, positioning and curation of ideas. All this from my friend Jess, a consumate design and style expert ( Thanks, Jessicle!).


  1. Ordered! It looks great, I can't wait to get this issue. And congrats on being chosen for their publicity.

  2. Congratulations, Matt. The issue is stunning!

    You're the second Magcloud publication I have heard of in as many days; the other is the 48 HR Magazine (http://magcloud.com/browse/Issue/81528/).

  3. Nicky5:02 PM

    Just read Issue 3 and thoroughly enjoyed it. Can I get copies of the previous two Issues?


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