April 9, 2010

The New Impatiens Nation

Impatiens campanulata

Impatiens falcifer

Impatiens grandis form

Impatiens apalophylla

All of the above images are from the Impatiens enthusiast site called Mr. Impatiens. Check it out here. the site is run by Impatiens collector, Derick Pitman, who has collected and shared with the nurseries listed at the bottom ( and some botanic gardens) many of the Impatiens species that are the most difficult to find. With such a broad and under utilized plant family ( over 1000 species to date) the short list of dwarf hybrids available at most main-stream nurseries seed suddenly boring. Go explore with Impatiens that are really interesting!

Impatiens grandis

Many of are familar with the common shade loving annual, Impatiens, but in the past decade, a number of new species have been collected and introduced, and it seems everyday, I am discovering something new about Impatiens. You may call them patient lucy's as my mother did, but these new species and crosses are far from any vision you may have of the old classic.

Most of these are tender, but are fast growers for summer containers, there are so many this year to choose from, that I still am not certain which I will try, but I know that I will order some.

Imatiens puberula

Impatiens hians

Impatiens niamniamensis

Impatiens grandis rosea

Sources for rare Impatiens for your summer containers and gardens? Try these sources:
Annies Annuals
Kartuz Greenhouses


  1. Wow! They sure are different, thanks for sharing the info. I like Impatiens campanulata but must say Impatiens apalophylla looks like it should be on top of the head of someone in Rio at Carnival time!

  2. Wow, these are beautiful! I as looking at impatiens online as I've never grown them before. Most of what I saw were pretty, but the ones on your blog are WOW. I don't think I can get 'plain' impatiens, now!

  3. I was so impressed with your blog that I have become a follower. I am a landscaper near Portland, Oregon and have narrowed my plant passions, to only grow hardy species in the ground. I have several Impatiens that I have found are successful. I am now growing tinctoria. I really enjoy following individuals like you that expand my understanding of particular genus of plants. Peace.


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