March 23, 2010

The return of the Boston Flower Show - BLOOMS! 2010

Since we we're invited to create a small space at the newly revised and renamed, Boston Flower Show, which was absent last year after a 180 year run, I thought that even though this week was very busy already ( with a wedding to design, a big presentation at work, and the National Rock Garden Society Eastern Winter Study Weekend), it seemed like the right thing to do.

It's alot of work for us, since we are neither professionals with a staff, nor are we simply bringing in a pot or two for the amateur section. Technically, we are amateurs, and even though our display is only about 8 feet across, it requires growing enough material to follow a theme ( ours was plants of the southern Hemisphere), and, hoping that they bloom in time ( most didn't), then selecting the plants a few days ahead, and them loading two cars and SUV's ( oh yeah, and buying props from Ikea!) then taking a day off from work, driving into Boston early, unloading at the convention center, parking the car, and so on. Still, it's sort of fun once it's all done, we feel good about it.

We lucked out, and had our little greenhouse display located in a good site, between the Alan C. Haskell exhibit ( complete with many live birds in an aviary) and a beautiful pond display. I am usually pretty critical about these shows over the past few years, since they seem to be more lawn and lawnmower shows, than any representation of the glory days of flower shows. But this show, be it smaller with fewer exhibitors, is incredibly beautiful. The designers were still installing tonight, as we left, but we saw incredible forced foxgloves, perennials, English garden plants, ponds and water, and lots of great forced plant material like trees and shrubs. This time, it's not one of those shows where you only see wood mulch, cedar fences and patios. This show has real horticultural interest.

Not sure how we will fare competitively, but here is a sneak peak of out display, which we really had to pull together with very little nice plant material, for whatever reason, very little came into bloom in time. Those plants! You can't depend on them!

A view of the GROWING WITH PLANTS garden room display we set up tonight.

If you are in the Boston area this week or weekend, please stop by and see this nice show, and support the Massachusetts Horticultural Society as they re-ignite the heritage of one of the most beautiful and oldest spring flower shows in the country.

Another display at the Boston Flower & Garden Show, this one by a commercial nursery was setting up a nice garden pool.


  1. Your display is nice Matt. It must be frustrating that some of the plants did not come into bloom, but good luck with your exhibit.

    Keep us posted on how you do.

  2. this display I am sure was at the chelsea flower show. Great pictures.

  3. Matt - your display looks lovely and thanks for the previews. It has always amazed me how these beautiful gardens can be set up in a convention center. I hadn't planned on attending as it is always a hassle to get in and out of Boston and I've been disappointed by the show before. But you're making me rethink my plans, I might have to carve out some time to go check it out! Have a great time.

  4. Matt:
    A most beautiful display you have created. Looks like a plant collector's personal greenhouse - go figure! Its encouraging seeing true plant lover's making an exerted effort to try and breathe some much needed focus back into the garden shows. Here in Canada we have Canada Blooms, but when HD is the main sponsor, you can guarantee lawn tractors and BBQ's from hell!

    I cannot imagine the pressure to perform! [the plants I mean!] From the photo it looks like yours have done quite well for themselves. Good luck. Let us know how you fare competitively... although we both know its not about the trophies or the accolades!

  5. Your space is simply divine! I've never been to a flower show. I know i would be in heaven if i could get to one. Love the crocus pics. Spring has sprung.

  6. Matt,
    Just got back from the Flower Show. Your dispay was beautifully executed. Congratulations!


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