March 7, 2010

Plantademy Awards-The good and the bad

Nothing say's winter in Hollywood more than snow on a Monstera!

Let me start this post by admitting that no one wants to go to the movies with me. If I see a blue died carnation growing in a field of wild flowers, or silk wisteria on a trellis, I go mad. So, as we watch the Academy Awards tonight, allow me to share some of my favorite errors in art direction judgement, as well as some kudo's for how plants are treated in feature films, and TV. Why not.
For worst USDA zone offense - I vote for the 1984 film, Gremlins

Come on...snow on Ficus trees? Does'nt Hollywood know that it doesn't snow in Southern California? As if using the same set for 'Back to the Future' was bad enough...no wait, Back to the Future used the Gremlins set. Whatever....snow sprayed on ficus trees can be seen in many films...The Holiday film starring Matthew Broderick entitled 'Deck the Halls' also sprayed snow on obviously a set being shot in July or August in California. There are snow dressing services for the film industry that will come and flock your summer landscape for parties and events. I'm sure that there are budgets to think about and schedules, so planning to shoot a film in Maine during the snow season so that real steamy breath can be seen, if probably saved for A list productions, but that doesn't mean that I can't still get frustrated.
Let's start with the worst offenses.

I could not find a photo of the scenes, but if you ever find yourself bored on a Saturday afternoon, rent the Princess Bride, and enjoy the blue, dyed chrysanthemum 'wild'flowers planted in the meadow scenes. So pretty. (hey, they're blue).

Then, there are some some winners. On TV, the flower arrangements in ABC's Ugly Betty get better every week. Particularly those in Wilhelmina Slaters office. Not many shots, you would have to have seen the show. ( It's been cancelled by ABC- dang!)

The best feature film horticulture may appear in the Harry Potter films. The Hogwarts greenhouse is one I would love to have, and they way they took creative license in expressing how a Mandrake plant might look, proved very entertaining.

Then, there is the Whomping Willow.....a candidate for Best Character as plant, certainly.

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