March 15, 2010

Bird House Round-Up

By Designer/artist Andrew Fallat.

London designer Luke Morgan designed this prototype for a competition, but it shows how creative one can get with forms and graphics.
Some of us add birdhouses to our gardens to attract birds, others may add them for humor, or as art, but either way, birdhouses can be both interesting and useful. I thought that for my second Round Up, that I might look at the range of bird houses that are available, especially those that are more noteworthy, stylish or simply, odd. After all, we all want a little character, too!
Available at Useful Things. Not practical, but, a nice object for those looking for a design that is at least, more tasteful than an English Cottage bird house with shutters and tiny window boxes.
Birdhouses can be practical, modern, silly or quaint. As a bird lover, I tend to focus on the more serious sort of bird house, specifically designed for each species that you wish to attract. If you prefer the traditional forms, and wish to attract certain bird and offer a proper nesting environment, please check out Duncraft, it's where I mail order my bridhouses from for our house wrens and Bluebirds. And, look at these interesting new Hummingbird houses ) plastic and cotton nests, actually, also available from Duncraft.

For the rest of you, instead of looking at adding a cutesy, crafty house ( for, most birds will find a way to nest as long as they can fit through the hole, and that competitive species like English Sparrows don't bother you, here are some more attractive houses that will do more than be just merely decorative. Yes, some of these are merely, decorative!

A design by Bomdesign in the Netherlands.

Kelly Lamb's Geo Birdhouse, for the modernist.

This classic refresh of a gourd house shows how simply color can change an object. Courtesy of Two Straight Lines, this image reminds me to plant bird house gourd seeds again this year. With an early start in the house, one can have many birdhouses next year if the vines are allowed to mature with fruit. Simply pick the gourds after the first frost, and keep in a dry, warm place until you can hear the seeds rattle inside. Be careful or mice will get the seeds!

These fine architect designed birdhouses come from modernbirdhouses.com, and are not only designed well for certain species, but are works of art.

designed by Vancouver designer Thomas Rasmussen who says it is really a bird house.

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