January 9, 2010

Bad Dog. No more Brussels Sprouts until you eat your cookies.

It all started a few weeks ago. Fergus, and then Margaret, our two Irish Terriers, would seem to disappear near the eleven o"clock news. All we would notice it that "flappity, flap, flap: of the doggie door. If this was summer, it would;t be a problem, for we would know that either they heard a raccoon, or decided to go lay out on the deck stairs to cool off before heading to bed. But now, in January, with temperatures near zero degrees F. , they kept disappearing into the garden.

It turns out they have been taking turns harvesting the Brussels Sprouts, which they watched my carefully harvest a large bowlful at Christmas. Since we had so many, and because they are so delicious when frozen in the snow, I left many plants still full with sprouts, thinking to myself, that they would take us through much of the winter. Well, time to think, again. Apparently, Fergie and Muggle have found their sweet spot for Brussels Sprouts, and now, they are practically all gone.

This explains alot, like their excuse for disappearing at night, for coming into the house with their faces all covered in snow, and mostly, for their farting all night in the bed room.

What I am most concerned about it what will happened in the spring, when I plant their favorites, carrots, broccoli and turnips? Maybe we will need to get a couple raccoons to guard the raised beds. Since last year, Fergus ate a half dozen ears of corn, cobs and all.


  1. How interesting! Gee maybe you need some deer! At least it must be comforting to know your beloved canines have a well balanced diet. Those brussel sprouts look yummy! One of my winter favorites.

  2. OMG this was so funny!!!!!

    thanks for sharing it!


  3. My old basset got ahold of Brussel sprouts once, and I had to put him out on the porch for the night. I made sure that did not happen again.

  4. Matt:
    Being a parent is a life-long chore is it not? But they are terribly cute/handsome are they not?

  5. Love your blog. Your vegetarian pups made me giggle.

  6. Your dogs are adorable. Unfortunately, I can all-too-vividly imagine their brussells sprout farts. Ugh.

  7. Thanks all.
    LOL, deer.! I know, that's what we need!


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