November 20, 2009

Plant Society Magazine - Fall/Winter published.

OK, finally, I got this one out! My little weekend project that I call Plant Society Magazine, is now available only here at HP's magazine publishing site, Magcloud.com. Please understand that posted the file and it is being published, but I am sure that there are some small errors, which I will fix, accordingly. I didn't have anyone able to proof it this time, and I hate putting people out, especially during a busy time of year. I hope you all will understand. If you love plants, you probably won't care!

I think there are some interesting articles for those who desire more content from a gardening magazine, for example, how to grow the many tiny precious species forms of Narcissus that bloom in the autumn and winter, and a step by step guide on how to grow them from seed, and an article about collecting species narcissus.

As I said before, this magazine is just an extension of this blog, but with greater detail. I spell-checked it, but surely there are still some errors, and for the real perfectionists out there, I admit that not all of the botanical latin in italicized, I frankly ran out of time, since there are some big life changes going on in my life right now ( good ones, I think, but still, big). More news on that later. Until then, I do hope you support this little magazine venture. Again, the mag. costs about $12.00 plus shipping at Magcloud.com, my profit is just 1$per mag, so that I can keep the price point down as close to $12.00 as possible. Remember that right now, there are no ad's, so at least those 60 pages are all content.

All of the artwork, writing, and photos are mine, taken in my yard, my greenhouse, alpine house and inside my house. I never write about a plant that I have never grown, and all of the photos are real plants living in my life, right now, so it is a little unique.
I hope you enjoy it!


  1. Matt, can't wait to read it, looks great!

  2. This made my day! I've been checking your blog looking for this news. My order is in!

  3. Cool beans. Will have to get a copy. Not sure where you find the time. Congrats!!!

  4. Ny issue arrived today Matt, another great issue! What a treat to be able to sit, relax and read after the hecticness of Thanksgiving.

    I just wish you had referenced some of your source, especially the narcissus. I tracked some down and have ordered a few from Brent & Becky, and they are half price now! I'm sure there are better sources but it's a start.


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