November 15, 2009

Autumn Narcissus begin to bloom

The tiny flower of Narcissus serotinus, no wider than a half an inch, has a scent that rivals it's relative, the Paperwhite Narcissus. Still, the single flower surprised me in the greenhouse, since I forgot that I had it, and I could smell it, then found it.

The green flowered Narcissus, N. viridiflora is starting to send up flower buds. Each year, I've been repotting the one bulb that I have of this rare Narcissus, and now, I have eight bulbs in the same pot. The buds are so slender, that they are difficult to distinguish from the foliage. Look carefully, and you will see two flower stems.

This rare South African Oxalis, Oxalis kaajagdensis, has a very Oxalis-like flower, but very unconventional foliage for this typically 'clover-leafed' plant.

The Cyclamen continue to flower in the greenhouse, here, Cyclamen cyprium ( from Cyprus) shows it's tiny flowers.

Cyclamen rholfsianum has distinctive leaves that set it apart from the other autumn blooming species. For whatever reason, the flowers are shorter than the foliage this year. Last year, the flowers emerged in August, before the foliage.


  1. I love the leave pattern of your Cyclamen rholfsianum.

  2. Matt,
    Have you grown the hardy Cyclamen before? Or is MA to cold for the hardy Cyclamen? I just was given 2 plants that are the autumn blooming Cyclamen.

  3. What beautiful rarities. I love the little narcissus.


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