September 17, 2009

Nominated at Blotanical.com - Please consider nominating my blog.

Hi faithfull readers. A few updates first, it's time for the annual gardening blog awards. At Blotanical.com, which is our Academy Awards, well, sort of. I have been prenominated, which really doesn't mean all that much, but if my blog is selected to be a finalist, then that is a bit better. I know it all really doesn't mean that much, but winner do seem to get featured more on other sites, and I get to post an award tag.

If you choose to vote, you will need to register with Blotanical, which is not a bad thing, no junk main, and lots of great links to hundreds of the worlds best garden blogs. Nominations are now open for one more week at Blotanical.com.

If you feel that I deserve any of the awards of which I am prenominated for, please consider voting.

check through the pulldown menu's on the Blotanical site, will show my blog's name Growing With Plants, then vote!

You may have to log onto the site, not certain.

Regardless, There are many pull down menus. no need to waste time voting in the tiny categories, I think I am only nominated in a couple, anyway. The important one, is the category under MAJOR GARDEN BLOG AWARDS, and the section GARDEN BLOG OF THE YEAR. I am listed there, along with most every other garden blog in the world, but if you are adventurous, please find my blog and vote for it, if you believe it should be nominated. In a week, Blotanical will announce the final top five nominations in each category, and then, we shall all have to vote, again. Ugh, I know.

I don't know why my blog wasn't listed under best designed, or best rare plant blog, or best photography, but we have little control over such things.



  1. Matt:
    I too was wondering why your blog wasn't considered for rare plant blog, but alas, bloggers were asked early on (two or three weeks ago) to choose 3 catagories that they would like their blog to be considered for.

    It sort of takes the fun out of 'voting' when you have to submit your blog in the first place. Then again, I only did it on a whim.... I don't need an Award, that's not why I blog!

  2. you certainly have my vote! you go Matt!


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