August 7, 2009

A Sneak Peek at My New Magazine

OK, I can't stand it anymore, I need to share my project with you. Even though you cannot order it until next week when I announce it formally, and give you the link to subscribe. Here is a sneak peek of my new magazine called Matt Mattus - PLANT SOCIETY - The Magazine for People Serious About Plants.


As I prepare for my 'soft launch' next week, I wanted to share with you, my devoted ( an not so devoted!) readers my little project that you've perhaps already heard about. Next week I will announce the soft launch of Matt Mattus - Plant Society magazine. Essentially a blogazine, this is my experiment ( a big one) into the brand new world of digital publishing. In a partnership with a new web service called Magcloud, which is itself a beta test owned by Hewlett Packard Development Company, I will be writing, designing and offering subscriptions to my own paper magazine.

Starting as a quarterly this fall, this first printing is a test-a prototype issue, if you will. More info next week, for now, here are some screen captures to give you a taste of the content.


  1. I am so excited for this magazine, Matt!!! Looks visually stunning!

  2. Matt, What a great idea. You can count me in in anyway I can help let me know!! I want to have the first subscription!! Glen

  3. Congratulations Matt! I admire people who generate new ideas and manage to bring them to life. Good luck to your "child"!

  4. looks pretty interesting....

  5. Best of luck! I'm looking forward to more news about your venture.

  6. Matt:
    This seems like an amazing venture - and seeing from your blog that we share an interest for the choice and rare perennials, I am looking forward to your first issue. Best of luck!

    PS - We need more intelligent mags focusing on plants and not the typical 'trendy outdoor 'living' spaces' topics that have caused me to cancel all but my subscription to Gardens Illustrated! To think that there will be another true garden geeks magazine available in the Fall..... can hardly wait!


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