August 13, 2009

Announcing my New Magazine - Plant Society

The cover of my first issue of Plant Society Magazine. Order your issue here.

I am pleased to announce that the publishing of the first prototype issue of Matt Mattus | Plant Society Magazine, available now at Magcloud.com.

Magcloud is HP's new Beta self publishing site for magazines, and I am using it to launch the first few issues. Magcloud tells me that that they can currently ship directly to USA, Canada and the UK. Let me know how it works if you are outside of the US.

As a designer, horticulturist, trend hunter, artist, photographer, blogger and plant collector, it only seemed natural to use this new platform to launch this venture, after all, I design magazines for a living, I evaluate publication design for many of the major graphic design journals and annual award issues, I speak at both leading visual design conferences, and plant societies, and I have a vault of images taken over the past ten years from my greenhouses, alpine house and gardens.

The publishing business is changing so fast, that what once was seen as vanity publishing, is now much more accepted in our new digital world of blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc. You can think of this as a magazine, or a blogazine. Either way, it will morph and change as I develop future issues to include both plant related features focusing on subjects not examined by the mass market magazines, and garden lifestyle - with inspirational crafts, holiday design, food, travel, and more all planned for future issues.

Currently the magazine sells for $14.99. at 75 pages, but it is on sale as a feature of Magcloud for around $12.00 US give or take some change for shipping and handling directly through the website MAGCLOUD. Anyone in the US, Canada or UK can order direct from the Magcloud website portal, and can even pay directly from their credit card or Paypal on the site. Magcloud prints to order, and the process is very easy. In five days or less, the magazine will be printed, bound, and mailed directly to you.

This first issue is packed with stories, photos and articles including a long article on my culture and experience with Nerine sarniensis, Tuberous Pelargonium, Dahlia, Japanese Chrysanthemums, and more. Please share your thoughts, I really need your feedback on content and what you would like to see in future issues. I am calling this first issues my Prototype Issue, and I am releasing it as a limited edition soft launch, with the premier issue being the Autumn Issue in October. Frankly, I have no idea how this will be received, I expect both positive and critical comments, just as I get on this blog, which is terrific.

I am currently calling this a quarterly, but I am planning this to move quickly to 5 issues a year. High Summer, Autumn, Holiday, mid Winter, Spring. Four issues seems like too few, and six issues stretches my resources at the moment, but five issues although unusual, makes sense for now since it matches the lifestyle and gardening calendar in a more natural way. Since Magcloud sells the issues individually, It really doesn't make any difference how many issues there are until, or if, or when I finally am able to offer an annual subscription rate. Until then, this is a significant venture, and my strategy is that quickly, this website and blog will change its name and ID as well, as I move our project, forward. Wish me luck ( I'm going to need it!).

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  1. Matt, so proud of you! I'll order on Friday, the anticipation is huge! Brian

  2. I would love to order a copy, but I am getting the following information when I click on your link-
    "You are using an unsupported browser (IE 6.0), parts of this site will not function properly for you. Please try a browser we support."

    I click the "browser we support" link and nothing comes up.

    I'm contacting them, hopefully I get success.

    By the way best of luck to you!

  3. I had success using firefox and placed my order.

    Hope there are many more to follow!

  4. Thanks all for ordering, and for trying other browsers. I wonder what's up with that? I'm on a Mac, and usually I'm the one having browser issues. Hope you like the mag! Next one will be better.

  5. I will love to buy your copy after reading other comments i will contact you after some days firstyou solve all other problem


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  6. Matt. Discovered you by accident on magcloud. I'm a fan! Only looked at one issue so far online. Don't change a thing. Everyone is a critic. Love the mag!! Botany is important for people who are serious about the garden. Give the info you think should be shared. There are so many of us who embrace the learning as well as the digging. Keep up the rare, the unusual. Love it. Can't wait to devour the rest


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