June 23, 2009

Margaret's new litter

Peeps coming from the Studio have turned into ducklings, which fresh out of the incubator, have implanted Margaret, our Irish terrier, as their Mom. And, she is all to ready for the job. Having has two litters herself, and some miss carriages, she is ready for some baby-bossin. She licks them, and brings them around the yard, and checks on them in their box constantly.

The baby ducklings follow her everywhere.


  1. Margaret is so sweet,her mothering over shadows her "dogness", What were Irish terriers raised for originally? certainly not duck hunting!

  2. The chicks are adorable! Just wanted to drop a line and say I really enjoy reading your blog. I am newly interested in gardening and mainly houseplants since I live in an apartment. You offer such great information on many different plant species, and I am always eager to learn about them. Thanks for keeping my plant interest in bloom. :)

  3. I love it! Growing up we used to hatch and raise mallards to release onto the waterway we lived on in Annapolis and we would imprint them on a toy stuffed animal. Each spring one or two would come back to raise a brood in the yard. Congrats to Margaret!

  4. like the second picture from the top... she is looking back...at her babies.


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