May 3, 2009

The National Primrose Show

Last weekend we hosted the American Primrose Society, the APS which seems to becoming an annual even for us. THis group has become a close circle of friends, for as plant societies go, this one is particularly friendly. It's funny for guys our age, most of our friends if not all with the exception of three or four, are plant society members. The APS is worth joining, for all plant societies offer a rare, tremendous value, membership is often the same as a magazine subscription, and the benefits are great, far beyond the quarterly journals, all worth saving for a lifetime of reading at bedside, for what cost is friendship. I must be brief, since this is old news and this is the busiest time of the gardening season.

I would be remiss if I did not offer congratulations to Joe, for being voted in as president of the American Primrose Society. The next two years should prove interesting as he attempts to guide a plant society toward modernism and respect for its heritage. He will look upon the society elders and veterans of the job for guidance and support, as well as new muses fromt he modern world to help him navigate a twentieth Century model through a Twenty first Century world of 900 TV channels, instant messaging and disposable media. Any plant society today, who imagines a future of sameness and growth is sadly, blind. The future, if any, for these groups must include careful, yet swift change in understanding their consumer, and in delivering more experiencial value if they ever expect to move forward. I can't think of one plant society, which I belong to, which is not experiencing a fatal loss of membership ( and I belong to a few societies!), most are blind and are choosing to ignore the trend, but it is inevitable, and those few who are offering new values may succeed in surviving a bit longer. But most are so shocked and angry at their unexplained loss of membership, that they choose to shut their doors, and minds, even more, rather than to merge, or redefine themselves. Today, in a world where even the largest corporations and largest financial institutions are redefining themselves, so too must the simple plant society. Understanding what they provide to members is key, and many may evolve from the world of print and journal, towards an online and digital life.Taking the lead from the world of science and medicine. THe journal NATURE, the botanical research sites for botanists and most of science have moved away from the dusty library and printed journal, to a digital world. Since plant societies are somewhere inbetween the more serious scientist and reasearcher and the common, gardener, a model may be the world of science. After all, Mr. Gore, they did, indeed, invent the internet for just this purpose before we, the masses discovered its dating possibilities.

But back to some photos from our weekend at the national primrose show.

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  1. please give Joe my congratulations! the society is lucky to have him, I'm sure.


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