April 28, 2009

Frits and frats - Fritillaria persica

Fritillaria persica

A slightly less common Fritillary, Fritillaria persica is completely growable for many North American and European gardeners. The best strain apparently is one called 'Adiyaman' but it is muddled, and few can offer the accurate form. Still, the bulb is carried by most retailers of Dutch bulbs in the fall, and I encourage all to buy as many as you can afford. Like many large bulbs, they are not inexpensive, but a dozen or two make the best impression.

Fast drainage and summer dryness is preferred by this native of Iran, I grow mine in a raised rock garden, with gravelly soil and deep snowcover, since it slides off of the greenhouse onto this foundation bed. It seems to work. Many say to plant the large skunky scented bulbs on their sides, since water can collect in the cavity on the top, but they will reset themselves in one growing season, so it seems fruitless to do do. Try all of the Frits, they are awesome when they are seen in bloom.


  1. rumored to also ward off burrowing mammals like groundhogs. worked this season. going to try something more exotic as you suggested next year than the red variety that I experimented with...

  2. Why are Fritillarias so fascinating?...is it where they like to grow? or their magical presence in the garden? They are never ordinary,even the checkered Fritillary, available in almost every catalog...summons awe to a wooded nook that might have been overlooked with less interesting bulbs or plants.Sexy and exciting bulbs!(I like the alba form the best..)

  3. Anonymous7:40 AM

    Bought container with three bulbs just before Easter; they're growing beautifully, all with large buds. Should I leave them in container, plant now, or wait till fall?


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