April 9, 2009

The 1st Annual Muddy Boot Awards

As you can tell, I am making some significant changes to my blog. I hope everyone likes them. Since I am a designer, as well as a gardener and plant collector, I felt that perhaps my blog should reflect some of the design aspects of my life too. In an effort to improve the content of my site, I am amping up the posting as well as the subject - be it, opinionated or subjective, as someone who finds new things, exciting, I suspect that you too might be interested in those plants that have captured my attention, and that have found themselves on my top ten MUST HAVE PLANT list for 2009.

So in the next few day, I will be posting my first annual, GROWING WITH PLANTS TOP 10 4 09. I hope you enjoy the selections. I have chosen them for many reasons, either they are unique and noteworthy, or an improvement over older cultivars, or they may simply be something that I have longed for in the past because I had seen it somewhere, and desired it. For whatever reason, be assured that there surely is one or more reasons, and none of them being that the company paid me to list the plant. Certainly no hidden sponsor product placement here! ( not yet, anyway!).


  1. Groovy template,kinda NEST like..(did you care for that?)I did, anyway.Can't wait for your top 10 list

  2. You should have a farfugium japonicum on the list...Glen

  3. Like the new design and look forward to posts like this.


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