November 1, 2008

Narcissus viridiflora

Another autumn flowering Narcissus, the green flowered Narcissus viridiflora is currently in bloom. Every fall I seem to want to post a photo of this plant, I guess I like it. With a scent a bit like cloves ( or nail polish remover!), this jem has begun to product more bulbs, and my onetime purchase of 2 bulbs, has grown to 7, which is nice.

Not much of a plant, I suppose, but still a nice, annual, visitor. It wouldn't be Halloween without it! I still love it, even though is grows slowly. How could one not love a green Daffodil, especially when in blooms in the fall?

This Oxalis lupinifolius ( I think, the tag is missing), is a shy bloomer. But the pale pink color, which is difficult to photograph, is pure and light. The foliage is certainly Lupine-like, and looks nice in a bulb pan for most of the winter, although it only blooms briefly in October.

More shy ( and rarer yet) is this beauty, Oxalis monophylla. A single-leaved Oxalis ( or monofoliate form) which I have had in the collection for four years, growing in pure sand. It finally sent up a couple of flowers which open ever so briefly when the sun is out. This species is rather uncommon, in both collections and in herbariums.

Oxalis monophylla, a unifoliate species of Oxalis from South Africa.

The maples I ordered after visiting the NYBG arrived from Forest Farm quickly, I was able to get all but one on my wish list. Now, all I need to do is to decide where I will plant them.

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