November 16, 2008


Nothing "says autumn" like berried plants, and never really appreciated until the leaves fall here in New England, are the berried plants which for most of the summer, look rather ordinary. I am particularly fond of yellow-berried plants, and this Viburnum dilatatum are some of the best yellow berried plants around. Great for attracting birds during the fall migration, and for winter foragers, as well as for color, this is tops on my list.

New Englanders may be familiar with the deciduous holly, Ilex verticillata. the winter berry, seen on road sides and swamps with screaming red berries used to decorate window boxes and wreaths for the Holiday season, but you might not be as familiar with the yellow form, Ilex verticillata ' Winter Gold'. ( Admittedly, a little orange here, since it is exposed to bright sunlight. OTher forms are orange, melon and darker red.
Callicarpa bodinieri var. giraldi 'Profusion' is the most brilliantly artificial yet car stopping fall shrub for display. Actually, it carefully sited, it does not look that bad in the landscape and who can resist these berries which lose their color after a very hard frost. They are amazing! This just never looks like a zone 5 hardy plant to me, yet it is. No wonder it is called the Beauty Berry. Look for it sold in the autumn at retail centers, or ask for it in the spring, for it never will be out for sale then. ( it's flowers are barely seen). This is a plant that truly waits until autumn to show its colors.

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