August 11, 2008

Holy Hail Stones, Batman!

With all of the crazy weather that we have been getting here in Eastern US in New England this summer, it was bound to happen, and yesterday, it did. Hail. Yesterday, we finally recieved our share of hail, delivered in a particularly strong cell in our daily bombardment of thunderstorms, a weather pattern that seems to never go away this year.

Most vulnerable, naturally, are the larger-leaved plants with tender leaves,especially the tropicals, be it begonias, bananas or the Alocasia or Colocasia clan of those plants most people know as 'Elephant ears'. Now, they are pierced, elephant ears. Two minutes of pelting ice cubes the size of nickles is all it takes to shred these leaves into an arum-esque chiffonade.

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  1. Terra farmer10:34 AM

    These pictures reminded me of the same hailstone blitzkrieg that my plants were subjected to in March! Banana leaves shredded into palm-like fronds... hope your plants don't take too long to recover from the damage!


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