July 22, 2008

Mid Summer Flower Show

Annuals and Daylilies on the back porch
The Daylily variety is 'Vintage Wine'

Some new Orienpet lilies, planted last fall. Orienpets are newer crosses made between two Oriental Lilies ( like Casa Blanca) and trumpet lilies ( like, well.......trumpet lilys - see earlier post). I love lime-green/yellow flowers, as well as the spicy fragrance of these summer lilies. Plus these seem to be a little more resistant to the lily beetle.

Spencer variety Sweet Peas. This one is 'Valerie Harrod'

Some fo the Blackmore & Langdon tuberous begonia, begining to bloom. A Scadoxus multiflorus ssp. katherinae is blooming in the rear.

Annual Snapdragons along the greenhouse walk.

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  1. What a beautiful collection of gorgeous blooms! Thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your blog for the first time!


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