July 13, 2008

Blue and Yellow Garden

"Lilium 'Moonlight Strain', Lime-Intensely Fragrant Yellow Trumpet signal the peak of the July Lily season.

My test plot, corner, for the blue and yellow garden is proving fruitful. So many plants come in these colors, that the options seem endless, but I can tell now that next year, when I complete this garden, I will edit little, other than follow my notes to plant more of each variety, to that the display will be effective. One Nepeta is fine, 7 will be finer. The Daylily's can be divided into more clumps, to create a larger display. I like to visit a local daylily nursery, and hand select the perfect color of yellow. I am partial to the greenish yellows, and like to balance these tints with a golden yellow.

These Delphinum hybrids were grown from seed, purchased in Germany from Jelitto Seed Company. In their second year, I hope that they will last until next year to reach full size.

Taking garden photos at dusk, allows for a more sensitive palette. If I could only find my tripod screw which I lost earler in the garden, this would have been less blury.

Daylily "Omomuki"
Similar to the variety named 'Joel', this is one of those Daylilies that once you see it, you have to have it. Again, it has that perfectly perfect, lime-green color which I love, and it has tremendous substance, with large flowers and a high bud count. Ruffled petals, and an all-round good garden plant for the border. Don't expect to find this guy at your local garden center though, it will take some years for it to get there. Try a local Daylily nursery. This one came from Seawright Gardens, a local daylily breeder in Carlisle, Massachusetts, just west of Boston. Visit now, and have one of the boys dig you up a few fans. Seeing them in the ground, is one of the best way to choose a color.


  1. The yellow and blue are a lovely combination. The 'Moonlight Strain' with nepeta looks good, and the delphinium exclamation marks are a good focus. Delphinium are great for finding the perfect shade of blue.

  2. My favorite colors! very pretty


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