June 4, 2008

Lilium mysteriacum?

Well, it's more like Lilium lost-the-lable-um.
Please, if any of you know.....share your thoughts. My best guess is Lilium monadelphum, a turkscap-or, pendant lily natic to the Caucasus. The yellow pollen and lilac spots shift me there. This confirms that I need to fill a gap in my library with some books of lilies, and if anyone knows of a good one, please share that too!

I am having some problems with the white balance with my new Nikon D300, but these early morning shots of this seedling are the best I have at the moment. Anyway, it is lovely, isn't it? And the lily beetles are finding the Asiatic's much more tasty than this mere species hidden in a shrub all alone. Maybe next year it will be larger, with more blossoms, I will need to remember to remove the seed pod.

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  1. Looks to be Lilium pyrenaicum, it is not Lilium monadelphum, which does not have the greatly recurved tepals that your plants have.


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