April 1, 2008

Cape Bulbs from seed

Lachenalia aloides var. aloides

Sparaxis elegans

Moraea pritzeliana

Romulea 'Nightshays form"

Romulea australis

Romulua minutiflora

Sand bed in greenhouse with Cape Bulbs


  1. Hi
    Finaly I got courage to coment here in your blog. I must congratulate you for the excelent information you have here.
    I'm an enthusiastic of the bulbous plants and last year I've started to cultivate them from seed.
    Some sucess, some failures, but always learning.
    And I think I found one great place to learn.

  2. Hi There,

    Very interesting site - thanks for all the sharing. I live in Cape Town in the western cape and have started growing cape bulbs from seed. Very exciting stuff! So many species!


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