March 4, 2008

Tokyo Picture tour1

Japan is a country of contrasts. As a trend hunter, I am continually fascinated if not confused, with this juxtapostion that occurs culturally in this amazing country. Whether you are a plant lover or not, this pictures might not be grouped and edited in the appropriate clusters based by theme, but then again, this is precisely what makes Japan so unique - it's how a visitor experiences the country, a blend of extreme contrasts; bright vinyl toys, American media, 5000 year old artifacts and French pastry. Pop culture can coexist here with a deep respect for the past.

I am currently sitting in my hotel room, packing, and waiting. Waiting for the morning clouds to move off of Mount Fugi in the distance, after last nights' rains, it surely snowed on the higher peaks around Tokyo, for I can see the lower half, and perhaps I can catch one more glimpse of this sacred peak, which is rarely seen due to pollution or mist. I am also waiting for the shuttle bus which transfer me, and my luggage oh so packed, the two hour drive to Tokyo's Narita International Airport for my 18 hour flight back to Chicago, then to Boston. Where Joe promises me that I then need to be ready to set up the Primrose Society display at the New England Flower Show ( but I am SO exhausted!). All I really want is a hot bath, a hot bowl of soup and a long sleep to recover from the awfulness called air travel. I can't help but to obsess over the fact that from this moment that I lock my suitcase, to the moment that I land in Boston, it will have been 26 hours.( and I don't sleep on planes).

Ok...stop complaining! Here are some shots, in random order. I will try to comment on them later. As well as those on my design blog, which I still need to update.

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  1. Wow - what an amazing trip. I've always wanted to go to Japan.


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