January 14, 2008

Narcissus Romieuxii

This is the latest that my Narcissis romieuxii have bloomed, but with all of the snow days and over-cast days, the three week lag is not a surprise. (plus, the big freeze I had!) Still, the fragrance yesterday from these tiny Narcissus from the Atlas mountains of Morrocco was intense and sweet. Not unlike Paperwhites, these are some of the winter blooming narcissi, and are easy enough given that one has a cool and bright place to grow them. This is my fifth year growing them, and the seeds from my first winter sowing them in 2004 are already budding up! (See below). These will be repotted next year into a larger hand made pot one I get going on the wheel again.

A pot of my own seedling Narcissus romieuxii showing their first flower buds, now in their fourth year. Id some one told me that I would be pollenating and cross-breeding my own narcissus, I would have said that they we're crazy! But it's SO easy, and thanks to Scottish Rock Garden Society Blog keeper Ian Young's guidance, I am about to enjoy my first pots of bloom. Beside, since these flower bulb in this clan are outrageously expensive, ranging from $8 to $35 US dollars a bulb, and one needs a pot full, side by side, to do well since they like company, I can't think of any other way to obtain 20 bulbs, unless one takes a personal loan. Seeds can be found on many of the collector seed groups like NARGS, but just like many of these rare plants...."easy" only means easy, if you plant the seeds fresh.

The ol mystey Cyrtanthus continues to send up flowers, even after a killing frost in the greenhouse, and some holiday neglect. Hey, the way I see it...if a fire can't kill these in the veld, than they are pretty tough.

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  1. One of the prettiest Narcissis and you have a lovely clump there.


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