December 17, 2007

Nothing says Xmas like an olive wreath.

When invited to a Christmas party, especially one where there are many talented and creative people, such as the party we were invited to last Saturday night, I wanted to bring a gift that was more than a bottle of wine. Since we had the crazy snowstorm the day before, we were snowed in, so as one attempted to snow blow the driveways, I trudged out the the greenhouse to pick olive greens as well as rosemary, bay laurel and myrtle so that I could throw together a holiday hostess gift wreath. Now, I think I will make some for our guest next week.

I forgot to bring in this Agave parryi, but I do know that it can take some serious cold. It's the cold moisture that will kill it, so since I don't have a cold, dry place to keep it, I may bring it back into the greenhouse for one more year. It's a dangerous plant, with it's 3 inche needle-like thorns, just as in The Christmas Story movie... I am always afraid that one of the dogs will "loose an eye with that thing!" Joe refuses to touch is after his encounter with our sadistic Sir Parryi two summers ago - a thorn imbedded itself between two of his finger joints, and after his screams of death threats to the plant, his injury resulted in an infection which lasted for months. Maybe I will just let this guy freeze to death after all.

This candy striped Camellia reminds me of peppermint. After a heavy snow, it somehow seems perfectly festive.

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  1. Oh my goodness, that olive wreath is the most beautiful I've ever seen.


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