December 2, 2007

Decorating for the Holidays & First Snow

The greenhouse is getting special attention this year. Sixteen degrees outside - it does make one wonder why one spends more time and money on lights and design, and not in installing the bubblewrap insulation that should be going up inside the greenhouse. But, then again, the glass is too wet right now, and there is something just wrong with hot chocolate and bubblewrap.

I am discovering that instead of twinklelights, that simple spot lights are more effective in holiday lighting. The color is exactly the same as white twinkle lights, but the impact is greater. Last year we began with lighting the birches in the front of the house, and near the studio, and now, we are starting to install them everywhere.

It must be working, I am seeing some neighbors doing the same thing this year. Lighting trunks from below can make the most ordinary tree, spectacular, and some trees that are either muscular like Stewartia or Holiday icons, like birches, are particularly nice.


  1. Beautiful - cool idea!

  2. Good Morning Matt, your Greenhouse looks just fab. I'm going to do a holiday special in my greenhouse as well. To add a little christmas deco some green garlands etc. I think that will look nice. Isn't just great to be able to go out into the greenhouse and smell the soil, attend to the plants and have a coffee...mm we are privileged Matt


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