June 19, 2007

Botanizing Europe - Zurich to Wengen Switzerland

The scenery was OK.
Here, small village of Wengen, reachable only via cog train from Interlaken. (this was actually the view from our chalet)

After 12 days botanizing, socializing and plain 'ol goofin' off, we're back home already. Yet, this was one of those trips which felt longer than it was, which, of course, is a great thing givin the location, and weather, and definately the views that we had.
Over the next few days, I will post day by day, how it all played out since my plans to post live via my new MAC laptop literally blew up in a plastic, smelly mess with a voltage incident the first night in Wengen. (sigh). Here are a few shots I am sharing before I really sit down and start to organize the nearly 1200 images that I burned to DVD's while in the trip to the Swiss Alps, the upper Engadine, the Italian Dolomites and Austria.

Ranunculus glacialis at nearly 10,000 feet at the Bernina Pass, right at snow melt.

Dumb old me, ( just here so that I can post a new photo of me on this site and get rid of the daffs).


  1. Anonymous7:37 PM

    You say the view was "ok"?
    You must be the master of understatement. It is spectacular!!!

  2. Anonymous9:55 PM

    ha ha- the view was OK. I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything, would've come out my nose!
    Nice photo, Matt! You look like a Euromodel.


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