December 25, 2006

Holiday Blooms

Tis the season.
But here in New England, even though, as I miss-informed you in my last posting about the zone changes (I really need to do my homework better!), it still has been an warmer than average winter, by at least twenty degrees. Hardly a white Christmas. Regardless, here are some shots from around the house today,overcast, but still festive, even though it was near 45 deg., F.

I collect vintage bottle brush trees, here is a view of some of the collection on the piano. Most are early to mid twentieth century. The older, the better I say.

The Japanese camellia 'Tama No Ura' also blooms at this time every year. I grow this in a Chinese pot, but it it still doesn't seem to mind. The blossoms are very seasonal for this time of year, and I have never had such a nice budset.

In the dining room, the feather tree is decorated with vintage ornaments, and some of the many crosses of Clivia are starting to bloom, here, three new crosses from Mr. Nakamura's visit, all are Clivia miniata x gardenii. One has impressive green tips on the flowers.

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