November 11, 2006

tiny Nerine rehmannii

Nerine rehmanii

This tiny Nerine, is very small, the flowers reach barly four inches high. Nerine rehmannii is native to Swaziland in South Africa, and I just wanted to show you one of the species since I have been focusing on the fancier NErine sarniensis hybrids so much. Although not truly rare, this is a bulb which is very hard to find but look while ordering your unusual bulbs in the summer catalogs, ( again, look at Paul Christians rare plant site in the UK, and Odyssey and Telos here in the states, I have only seen this sold once), since it is shipped then while it is dormant. Not difficult to grow, it should fill a pot in a few years, we shall see.

I have seen nice pots of this species on some collector sites, so hopefully it will grow and thrive for me. As you can see, it seems quite precious since the flower umbel is no larger than my fingernail, and the foliage is thread-like.

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