November 15, 2006

More Fall Mums

Seizan is a yellow, small flowered Mum known as a cascade type, the plants are planted in June as cuttings, and then trained along horizontal bamboo poles until September, when I start to lower the poles to become verticle. The final effect is a waterfall of Chrysanthemum blooms, that reach down nearly five feet.

Seatons Ruby is a lovely Anemone flowers mum.

Purple Thistle

Satin Ribbon is an apt cultivar name for this loose recurve mum.
The plants are almost six feet tall, and bloom late, so they are grown in containers outside, and moved into the greenhouse for late autumn display.


  1. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Briggs Nursery in Porter, Washington is a large wholesale nursery that grwos Enkanthus campanulatus var. sikokianus as plugs and one gallon plants. They sell to many nurseries all over the US so this enkianthus shouldn't be that hard to find. I am growing it and was also really pleased with the brilliant fall color. I haven't seen the flowers yet except on the internet. I sell locally in the Seattle area.
    Laine McLaughlin
    Steamboat Island Nursery
    Olympia, Washington

  2. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Thanks for your wonderful posts on Chrysanthemums and your informative posts on this blog. Photos are great, too.


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