November 28, 2006

Final Nerines

French Parma Violets

I wrote earlier (like in April) about the lost art of growing French scented violets, or Parma Violets, and now, as promised, I found some heirloom varieties from southern France, where they still grow these for the perfume industry, and I am attempting to cultivate some in the method of the late nineteenth century growers, here in America. the first blossoms appear in November, and right on target, here they are.

And, the last of the Nerine sarniensis blooms are fading, the last two varieties to bloom are....

Nerine sarniensis 'Kola'

Nerine sarniensis 'Bagdad'

Now, tell me I am crazy, bu I have decided to publish a magazine, at least to provide it for free, as a PDF through this blog which you can print from your home printer. let me know what design you like, I am starting with this one.


  1. Hey Matt, The plants you feature are great and make me want to grow even more than I have now but alas the space is at a premium so I will just oggle yours. Glen

  2. LOL. I don't know Glen, you have some nice plants! I have sure had my eyes on many of your great specimen at the local shows! See you soon.


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