October 22, 2006

Bulbous South Afrifan Oxalis

A sandbed filled with blooming Oxalils species

The bloom season is peaking for the bulbous Oxalis, and both the species from South Africa and South America are reaching peak bloom. I am traveling for work much of this month, and only have today, Sunday, to photograph them and to enjoy them, before flying off Tuesday again, only to return on Halloween. I hope that it stays cool and not sunny, so that I woun't miss the peak of both these and of the Nerine sarniensis, which are just begining to open.

This Oxalis species lost its tag, so it is nice but unknown for now

A Sternbergia lutea blooms in a pot, kept out on the stone walk in front of the greenhouse. This crocus like blossom is one of the last of the outdoor bulbs to bloom for the season.
Here in New Engand, the foliage is reaching it's peak color. Since we have not recieved a hard killing frost yet, the colors have not been as intense as in past years. This weekends chores included planting Narcissus out in the raised bed, for exhibitions- cyclamineous types as well as triandrus were planted in the new bed today. Hopefully I can keep it not too wet, since the sand I recieved was builders sand and was too mud-like last year. This time I added compost, gravel and peat to it. I may have to cover the bed with a panel of twin wall if the snow adds to the moisture this winter. Snow will fall on the glass of the greenhouse, and slide down onto the raised bed, it may become too water logged, but the granite chips may aid in the draining of the bed. We shall see.

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  1. nonsense10:21 AM

    I bought some oxalis this fall, and hopefully mine will bloom as beatiful as yours. : )


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