October 2, 2006

late season brilliance

Leonotis leonurus, just starting to bloom
This orange member of the mint family struts its stuff in the ;autumn, jsut before frost. Thankfully, this year, we still have not had our first frost, so we can enjoy the bright bloom that this plant provides. Such a brilliant orange in a season of generally muddy colors. Here, it is planted in front of the greenhouse along with a lime green species form of nicotiana, Nicotiana langsdorfii, with its pendant lime colored blossoms complement the rich tangerine of the Leonotis. Also, a blue Salvia, the new standard for fall color, the form called 'Black and Blue' blooms among these trendy colors. Cuttings we're taken of all of these plants for wintering over in the greenhouse, the Nicotiana is annual, so it self seeds.

The brugmansias are in peak bloom, only a week or so left, and since they require daily watering, it will be nice to see them go. That said, they still are beautiful, and thier fragrance wafts over the garden in the warm autumn sunshine. The onyl downside, is that they tip over with every breeze, now that they are so top heavy.

Brugmansia at peak perfection, just before frost

I am traveling for work this week, so will not be able to update until Tuesday of next week. Enjoy these pics that I quicly posted! Below, the "yellow' campanula, Campanua thyrisoides, planed in the rock wall, are settling in nicely. I expect blooms next summer if they survive the winter here.

Seed grown rosettes of Campanua thyrisoides, the 'yellow' campanula, planted in the rock garden.

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