September 19, 2006


The first day of autumn is officially Thursday, but why has it felt like fall since the first week of August? Yeah, it has been the warmest weather on record this summer, according to the National Weather Service, the warmest since record keeping begain but we aren't experiencing global warming now, are we?
Oh yeah, it's voting day.....that reminds me.....gotta go :)

Ok, ok, the kids wanted to say 'hi' again. Margaret and Fergus mug for the camera, before Ferg goes off to the spa to "kool his jet" and Mugrat goes into heat for a couple weeks. Why doesn't anyone design tasteful panties for dogs? Crazy people design and buy fancy dog clothes at Target and Barney's, but sometimes the little girls need soem protections, and they only come in Denim and, one company, on-line, has them in denim but with a touch or red bandana material around the tail hole?! ! Ugh.
Makes her look like she's wearing daisy dukes ...then she looks more like a trailer-park dog named Crystal, and not a national show winner, Hmph..... I hate the whole Dog show thing, but I inherited it with these guys, and had to follow it through....but at least she ranked high, and after her next litter...she can retire and finally be a dog again and enjoy life. I think they should outlaw dogshows, and beauty pagents. Oooh. this is getting bloggy.


  1. That is a gorgeous wreath--did you make it yourself?

    The kids are very cute, by the way. :)

  2. What a beautiful wreath! And what adorable dogs!!!



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