August 31, 2006

Bye bye, Summer and a new computer

Tulbaghia blossoms - last of the season
Fall is allabout new clothes, fresh pencils, and new computers. It's back to school time. But, for me, it's the addition of a pottery class, since I dont have anything better to do! (right!). Oh yeah, and the book, and work, and the new Narcissus collection.....

It's one of those transitional times of year again, and in fact, both horticulturally speaking and calandar speaking, the last week of August marks a significant change for many. Experiences are so personal, for many, this week on the calandar marks the week that your kids go back to school, or college. If , like me, you don't have children, you may remember your own childhood. The end of August, for me, still is a sort of rebirth. A time to buy a few new clothes, and, well, school supplies. So, I bought a new compter. A Mac Pro with the new Intel chip. Now, I can add video to the blog, compose music and podcast. So stay tuned.

Until then, hey, it's Labor Day Weekend, here in the US, meaning, it's a three day weekend. Finally, I can get into the greenhouse and spend some time with the plant. The garden has gone to hell, there is SO much work to be done, and since it seems like it has rained everyweekend, big chores like trimming the long 220 foot hedge that protects us from the road still hasn't been done, as well as painting the house, moving five tons of gravel to the new circular garden which I haven't named yet, and a slew of other jobs, trees that need to be cut down, relocating or pruning. It never ends.

Instead, at least some progress was made with the new rock garden complete with a Czech crevice garden (more about that soon) and all of the winter blooming bulbs in the greenhouse have been repotted, and are ready for thier first watering in a week or so. Still remaining, bulbs bulbs bulbs, from many sources, mostly for the greenhouse, and for the new bulb best contructed last year along the east side of the greenhouse, but not used yet. New this year will be a collection of Narcissus for the outside bed, and for pots that will bloom starting in Oct, through spring. Mostly these are N. triandrus and N. cyclamieus types. I think I may have orderd every cultivar that I could find, with hopes of breeding them.

One big chore left is to make repairs to the glass in the greenhouse that has broken or slid off of the roof, and this year at least ten large panels need to be replaced in the next few weeks. An awesome task, but it has to be done.

The new computer has held me up from posting pics, so until Sept. 1, I am just posting this nice pic of a Tulbaghia in bloom now, a South African bulb plant which is easy, and evergreen, yet tender, so one would need a greenhouse to winter it over.

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