May 7, 2006

American Primrose Society National Show

Show Auricula's at the National Primrose Show

A fancy striped show auricula, with outstanding coloration

There have been no postings for the past four days, since I was busy with the National Primrose Show, which was hosted, once again, by our New England Chapter, and held at Tower Hill Botanic Garden, in Boylston Massachusetts. What I like about primula, is that it is a genus that is more challenging, and one that few people see reresented well since few see beyond the silly little acaulis primroses that one finds in supermarkets for 99 cents in January.

Show primula are some of the most beautiful flowers favored by botanical artists
After hosting a party at the house on Thursday evening, we tours local gardens on Friday, and the exhibition and events, such as speakers and the banquet which occured over the weekend. Now, late on Sunday night, exhaustion has fianlly caught up with us, and it is time to rest, and think about next years Nationals, which be held in Juneau, Alaska.

Another National winner grown by Susan Schnare
Before I go to bed, here are a few shots of some winning show auricula, these are the winners and could be considered the best primroses in America, grown by Susan Schnare of New Hampshire, who also won best in show.

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  1. Anonymous9:27 PM


    I am just getting interested in Primula and trying to locate seed to grow. Can you direct me to a good seed supplier?

    Gorgeous photos!



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