April 11, 2006

Forcing Iris bucharica

Iris bucharica in a pot
Iris bucharica

Still in the greenhouse, the last of the potted Juno iris to bloom this year is this native Iris from Afganistan, Iris bucharica.Another pot that I 'saved' from certain death from my new sand bed built the foundation of the greenhouse this past winter. Once I replace the sand with a faster draining type, like washed river sand, I will re plant it outside after our frost free date, which will be near the end of this April.

Not your average Iris, Juno iris are challenging for the novice grower, requiring a strictly dry summer rest after the foliage dies back in late June or early July. This dry period is the key to success. If you wish to try these gems outside, plant the root stock where you can provide cover (a plexi roof) for most of the summer, providing a bone dry summer similar to what the experience in the native habitat. Uncovered in Autumn, to allow the rain to hydrate them in preparation for the winter.


  1. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Am just trying Ir. Bucharica here in Edmonton Alberta.Planted in Nov 07. They are out of the ground now, the foliage got a little burnt up the other night, -18C. I planted them very close to south wall, in pure perlite up to the crown, with local soil above the crown. Hoping perlite will give them the dry they need in summer.

    Mr Chris

  2. Anonymous1:09 PM

    Hmmm, I found a bulb thrown out in an alley, brought it home and stuck it in the ground, hadn't a clue what it was. Watered it all last summer (must make you wince, heehee), threw some dead leaves on in in winter (Port., OR), had a hard winter for here, some heavy freezing, snow, ice, hail, and, of course, rain and more rain. Sprouted this year and is blooming. What luck, hey? Just managed to identify it yesterday. Beth


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