March 15, 2006

Interspecific Clivia

I am, and shall remain, an amateur plant breeder. So,it is with a dabble of pollen here, and a paintbrush there, that occaisonally I attempt to make some informed crosses between a few favorite Clivia, frantically executing the proceedure far too early in the morning between a mug of coffee, blurry-eyed and certainly in a bit of a frenzy before commuting to work.

The above clivia is a cross that Joe actually made while simply playing-with-pollen, it demonstrates that results are often nice surprises,especially when combining two species to create, what is essentially an Interspecific cross, or more botanically correct, a Clivia that now belongs to the Cyrtanthiflora Group of crosses.

This cross between the more common Clivia miniata (a typical orange Flowered form) and the more uncommon species, Clivia caulescens, shows how easy it is to get nice results from at-home plant breeding. It will just take a few years to get blossoms.

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