March 16, 2006

Cyrtanthiflora Clivia Cross

Todays Clivia picture is another cross of our own. Not sure if it is worth moving ahead breeding with, but I admit that I do find interest in the these less showy greenish forms, and this blossom shows lots of green at the tips. Also, it is quite large for a Cyrtanthiflora group Clivia.

I crossed it this week with another first-time bloomer, an impressively large-flowered yellow Clivia miniata from our Nakamura seed from Japan trip five years ago. I will photograph that one Saturday, and then post it to share. In the greenhouse, some Hime Daruma dwarfs and a Chinese plant are opening thier buds, as well as a cross of 'Red Flame' x C. gardenii we recieved from Harold Koopowitz, author of the first book on the genus, CLIVIAS Timber Press). Since it is still dark when I arrive home from work, I haven't had a chance to see it yet.

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